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While working onsite in hoistways it was apparent there was a safety risk present regarding lifting devices used for the removal and/or installation of cylinder and/or piston assemblies. The majority of elevator companies across the country still use non-rated wooden clamps and metal wrenches for lifting which can fail without warning causing injury.

We have designed, rated and patented a unique line of clamps specifically for lifting, landing, loosening and tightening of cylinder/piston assemblies to make a safer workplace. In addition to lifting clamps we now offer the Omega Rail Lifting System, made exclusively for omega rails. Patented design and safety rated to safely suspend car and hoisting procedures. All products are exclusively manufactured in the USA by Advance Welding Service Inc.



Awesome product. Great investment. These clamps work perfectly.

– Lee Broz, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

Well thought out, versatile, capacity rated clamps.

– Del Dvorcek, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

I use them to break pistons apart with two one-ton chain jacks from the handles to the guide rails without slippage.

– Chris Farris, Mechanic, Local 55 Peoria

Quality built, easy to use product. Great sense of safety during lifting procedures.

– Dennis Forrest, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

I used a lot of clamps in my career. These are quality clamps you can trust on the job.

– Bill Moore, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

Dependable quality. Every product provides the safest hoisting work environment.

– Brian Moore, Creations Manager, St. Louis, MO

By far the safest and most durable clamp on the market. Saves time therefore money on my jobs.

– Troy Noren, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

High quality, innovative product.

– Nick Piszczek, Operations Manager, Minneapolis, MN

All crews are very satisfied with performance and quality of products.

– Wayne Rice, Operations Manager, Smart Elevator, Chicago

Make old wood clamps look dangerous. I wouldn’t do a job without them.

– Jay Templin, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

These lifting clamps are innovative and life saving. They make our job easier.

– Dwayne Thompson, Mechanic, Local 2 Chicago

All field teams are very satisfied with this product.

– Craig Zomcheck, Colley Elevator, Chicago

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