Cylinder and Piston Lifting Clamps

Safety rated design to lift, land, loosen & tighten cylinder/piston assemblies. Removable attachments for increased working area in hoistway.

Custom Combination Lifting Clamp

Our patented design and safety rated Custom Combination Lifting Clamp lifts, lands, loosens and tightens cylinder/piston assemblies. Made to perform under the most demanding conditions in elevator hoistways. Each product is put in a fixture and is hand built to ensure quality & accurate line up of components for ease of operation and installation. Each of our rated lifting products are designed for the highest levels of hoistway safety standards. All products are made in the U.S.A.


  • Heavy duty all steel construction for assured safety during lifts/landing of cylinder/piston assemblies
  • Unique saddle block design & back bar adjustment for increased speed and efficiency, lifting 10 sizes with one clamp
  • No flex design assures strong load transfer with powerful non-slip gripping strength
  • Removeable lightweight aluminum inserts for lifting/landing of smaller diameter piston assemblies
  • Copper riveted leather contact surfaces for scratch-free lifts/landings of cylinders/pistons
  • Removable handles for unobstructed lifts in hoistway & increased working area in pit
  • Unique impact attachment for loosening/seating of cylinder/piston assemblies
  • Precision laser cut components for added accuracy of product assemblies
  • Grade 8 – 1/2″ adjustment bolts & nuts
  • Grade 8 – 7/8″ saddle block rod & nut
  • High visibility safety yellow
  • US patent No. 8,979,051

Available Sizes:

Model # Piston Diameter Rated Lifting Capacity Weight Handles Impact Attachment Inserts
CC 1 3″ – 8″ 1.5 Tons (3000 lbs) 52 lbs X X X
CC 2 9″ – 12″ 2 Tons (4000 lbs) 62 lbs X X
CC 3 13″ – 16″ 2.5 Tons (5000 lbs) 72 lbs X X

Revisions; #01 07/29/2021


  • (1) Set of removable handles
  • (1) Impact attachment
  • (2) Lifting shackles

Note: inserts for CC1 sold separately

Available Accessories

Protective Condom Pulley

  • Attaches into clamp sleeves for easy installation of protective condom in high hoistways
  • Can be used on all clamp sizes

Impact Attachment

  • For striking during loosening/tightening procedures
  • Attaches into clamp sleeves
  • Can be used on all clamp sizes

Aluminum Inserts

  • Includes riveted leather contact surfaces and a safety retainer pin
  • For model CC1 only

Removable Handles

  • For unobstructed lifts and increased working area in hoistway
  • One set with clips
  • 1″ x 16″
  • Can be used on all size clamps

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